"Valerie came to my apartment and helped me clean the mess out of my mess LOL.
Thanks Valerie!"

-Adam (N. Aurora, IL)

"Val is very organized and thorough. She helped me to look objectively at paperwork and family mementos to discern what needed to be saved."
-Melinda (Rolling Meadows, IL)

"This was the best money I've spent on myself in a long time!"
-Sandy (Barrington, IL)

"Dear Val, Thank you so much for your professional advice and ideas! The whole family loved them including me. I would definitely refer you to anyone needing your organization and design skills."
-Barb (Hoffman Estates, IL)

"Hi Valerie!
Thanks for helping us organize our loft. We were at a point where we didn't see the possibilities anymore. Your help in organizing both of our desks and our craft table, was such a blessing. it's very refreshing to see a more useful space."

-Jen (Streamwood, IL)

"I really wanted to create a playroom in our basement but it had become a project that I lost hope in. I had piles of stuff everywhere, from kids clothes to toys, etc! I contacted Val and she reassured me that we could do this together! She came over and motivated me and gave me a new vision for our basement. We did it together and now I have a play area for my kids for those rainy days or long winters. Thanks Val!"
Deanna (Elgin, IL)

"Valerie was a tremendous help in de-cluttering our spare room to create a functioning office and craft area. I didn't know where to even begin and I felt stuck. My room had collected a variety of unorganized paper, books, and incomplete art projects. Valerie knew exactly what to do and after just a days work, the room was transformed! I still put her techniques into practice today in order to tame potential chaos. Having Valerie is worth your time to get started on a life long journey of organization."
-Tricia (Algonquin, IL)

"Thank you Valerie for all of your time and your help!
Before you came, I just felt lost and out of control. I didn’t even know where to start. Because of the work we did with you, we just pulled two cars into the garage for the first time in 3 years!"

- Christine (Hanover Park, IL)

"I hired Valerie to help me organize my craft room, also known as our "dump room"! It was the one room in the house that caused me such anxiety just thinking about it because I didn't know how to organize it. After just one day, Valerie helped me purge things and organize cabinets so they would be easily kept up once she wasn't there to work her magic. As much as I wanted someone to just come in and just do it for me, I appreciated the fact that she made us do it together. She said that there is a higher likelihood that it would stay organized if I was involved in the process. Now everything has it's place and things are easier to find.'
'Thank you Valerie!"

- Christine (Elgin, IL)

"I have my own business out of my office in my home. Before Valerie, my office was so disorganized and horrible with piles of stuff everywhere! I was just overwhelmed! Valerie helped me set up my office in such a way that it honestly makes me want to get in there and start working every morning! Everything is where it should be! I think that God had a hand in bringing us together and I really appreciate the work that Val did with me. I'm ready to do the next room in our home and I will hire Clutter Free With Valerie again!"
- Cherish (Streamwood, IL)

"I have been using Clutter Free with Valerie for nearly 5 years. She has been with me through three homes and has guided me through some serious downsizing and reorganization. The great part about working with Valerie is that I am an active participant in improving my surroundings. She doesn’t do the work for me, we do it together. In addition, she doesn’t expect me to purchase expensive organizing systems. She works with what I have in my home and repurposes whenever possible. Valerie's is a joy to work with because she is professional, Christian, non-judgmental of my challenges, and fun! I highly recommend that you put your faith in her as I did. You will find freedom in your newly organized space!"
-Julie (Wheaton, IL)

"We owe a huge debt of gratitude for the expertise & strong accountability that Valerie gave us with Clutter Free With Valerie. For over 10 years, my wife gently encouraged me to simplify my office space. I finally realized that I was clearly over-my-head tackling this job. Valerie approached our "small hoard" with an objective, safe & non-judgemental attitude. Within a few sessions, Valerie helped me sort through dozens of boxes of items to be donated, and a few more that could be sold. She also was a professional who allowed me to remain accountable. Because of Valerie’s help, for the first time in 15 years we were able to celebrate Christmas with an extra bedroom for my daughter to stay with us! The office remains clean today, and I plan on working with Valerie soon to thin the items in the workspace even further. I'd also like her to help organize one of our bathrooms & a linen closet which are quite small & getting cluttered. A strong recommendation for a true expert! Thank you Valerie from both of us for your professional touch & expertise!"
- Christian (Streamwood, IL)

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